About the Project

Neon Jungle is an original sci-fi/fantasy IP built for multi-platform storytelling that features LGBTQ characters and themes for an untapped market of fans who desire better minority representation within the arts & entertainment industry.

This is an exploration in maker culture, worldbuilding, queer fantasy, minority representation, and experimentation in new forms of digital storytelling.


Artist Statement

At a fundamental level, Neon Jungle is an exploration into worldbuilding and storytelling through multiple media platforms. On a larger scale, this project is a platform for social commentary, as well as a means to champion diversity through positive representation.

Neon Jungle is an original sci-fi/fantasy work that features strong, diverse characters battling against the political and economical tyrannies that currently rule their city. It is my hope to utilize the power of storytelling as a means to redefine character normatives and encourage others to stand up for what is right during these dark times. 

Mike Schulz, Creator