Ace Flynn


Moving with short bursts of energy that propel him across the battlefield, Ace packs a punch of concentrated fusion with his powerhouse gauntlets.


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Character Story

Ace and his younger sister, Lynx, live in Constellation’s Understory, were Ace works as a courier for the black market. The enhanced speed of his custom-built flier (hover bike) has earned Ace the reputation of “fastest messenger in Constellation” and employment opportunities seem to be endless. His rising popularity has marked him as a desired member for the Hellions, but Ace prefers to keep his responsibilities limited and always declines the street gang’s offer.

Ace works very hard and risks his life to earn enough credits to get Lynx and himself out of the Zenith. They often fantasize about their future life in another province and hold firmly to this dream during dark times.

The Flynn’s mother was a brilliant bioengineer and worked for Genesis. After a terrible lab accident, they were left orphaned and forced to live off of her small life insurance. Lynx was very young, but Ace has never forgotten how Genesis turned a blind eye to the tragedy and ignored any responsibility. 

Lynx is a special girl with newly manifested telepathy that makes her a valuable acquisition in the black market. When she is kidnapped and sold off to Union associates, Ace joins PHNX in order to fight the super government and save his sister.

Special Skills

Ace is a nimble acrobat and impressive sprinter. He also pilots his own hover bike that moves at incredible speeds. The young champion owns a custom PED (Personal Experience Device) with a unique A.I. that provides helpful tips and additional skills while on his adventure.

Lynx is young, but her telepathic abilities are already something of notice. She has yet to discover her own weapon but Lynx’s potential power is palpable to those attuned to fortes.


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