Cloaked from visible sight, Dallas moves swiftly through alleys and over rooftops, searching for the right moment to reveal himself—striking with his psionic saber.


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Character Story

Dallas is the son of Genesis CEO, Victor Romance, and the heir to his father’s massive empire. However, the young aristocrat disagrees with his father’s consuming greed and often challenges Victor’s controversial business practices that seem to be neverending.

As he grew into young adulthood, Dallas took it upon himself to turn his natural talent for meddling with technology into a digital safeguard against Genesis. Under the hacktivist codename “Ghost,” Dallas began to work with PHNX to provide valuable information that helped them limit the Union’s flow of resources and armory that Genesis provided. Dallas began to live two lives: one as a playboy socialite within the Canopy; the other as a daring vigilante that fought for justice both online and off.

Eventually Dallas’s undermining was uncovered by Genesis and he was stripped of his wealth and recognition within the Canopy. Upon refusing to give up his allegiance to PHNX, Victor turned on his own son and ordered his arrest. Unable to charm himself out of this predicament, the rebellious youth revealed his true talents and fought through Genesis troops until stumbling upon an old friend: an android named MAJA 626-13. Upon reactivating her, the two were able to teleport out of Chrysalis Tower and make their way to the secret base of PHNX.

Dallas comes off as cavalier and generally over-confident, but he is a reliable ally who will fight to the bitter end. Upon their first introduction, Dallas felt drawn to Ace and the two soon became romantically involved. 

Special Skills

Dallas is an amateur marksman and elite hacker. He can program and reprogram almost any piece of technology with the right amount of time and motivation. Dallas also has a small drone that provides additional reconnaissance and/or backup when in need of extra firepower.


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