Within the shadows lurk the Fiends—monstrous mutations of that have returned after 20 years of absence.



Character Story

20 years ago, without warning, cybernetic creatures appeared in the depths of Constellation and quickly spread through the shadows of Zenith’s prime city. Savage, yet cunning, the Fiends indiscriminately hunted in packs throughout both the Understory and the Canopy—all were in danger. Even the heroic members of PHNX were caught off guard by the ferocious strength of these vicious monsters.

It was in this time of crisis that Councilman Nero was able to gain absolute trust and support in his mission to rid Constellation of these fatal pests. With the instatement of his elite, militarized Angels and the mechanized Watchdogs that he exiled the Fiends to the outer edges of Zenith’s harsh Violet Dustlands and were left to die.


20 years have passed since the Fiends first arrived and were defeated by the celebrated forces of the newly established Union. Now life has settled into a new era of authoritarian rule and the Fiends are nothing but a horrible echo of former time—until now.

Rumors have floated up to the Canopy and Avalon of savage attacks happening throughout Constellation’s Understory that resemble the nightmares of the past. It is believed that the Fiends have somehow returned, although no one has survived to confirm these fears.

Thorn’s Revenge

The new fleet of Fiends that have made it to Constellation are led by a commanding alpha Fiend named Thorn. Thorn is a calculated leader, driven by more than primitive hunger or bloodlust. The dark secrets kept by Nero are soon brought to light as Thorn advances upon Constellation. Heroes and villains alike must be on their guard as any who get in Thorn’s way will become prey for the deadly Fiends.


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