President Nero


President Nero rules over Zenith from the floating capital of Avalon. He rose to power during a time of fear and now enforces his tyrannical rule with the use of weaponized robots called Watchdogs. He hates Constellation’s Understory and considers its inhabitants a blight upon Neo Earth that should be wiped from existence. 




Character Story

Nero has entrusts villainous Wardens, throughout key concentrations of Constellation, who maintain a chaotic order that keeps the balance of power tilted in his favor.

Under President Nero’s rule, the Union ushered in an age of  totalitarianism throughout all of Neo Earth’s Zenith Providence. This despotic order is maintained by the Union’s elite military force of Angels, Watchdogs, and Wardens.

Special Skills

Intimidation, Military Command, and Influential Wealth.


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