Protected by the divine spirits of time, Noriko is a valiant novice that will fight to the very end for those she loves.


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Character Story

Noriko grew up in a small village secluded deep within the Azurean mountains located in the island province that is southeast of Zenith.

At a very young age, Noriko began learning magic in preparation for her destined role as a time dancer. Time dancers are a rare subclass of mystics and only known to exist within Noriko’s lineage. This is due to the fact that time dancing can only be mastered by wielding the sacred Chorno Sword—a divine weapon passed down from generation to generation. Although Noriko was very young, she was prepared for this future...but not for how quickly it would come.

Growing bolder and in need of natural resources, the Union invaded Azure and raided Noriko’s village. In a last defense, Noriko’s uncle faced off against Proxy One (first in command of the Angels), but was actually slain by a surprise attack from Nero’s cybernetic assassin, Kitsune. The Chrono Sword was immediately transferred to Noriko, but she was too young to face off against the enemy. Her village burned and she was all that was left of the devastating raid.

The young swordswoman left Azure and made her way to Zenith’s prime city, Constellation. Noriko remembered the tales of her uncle’s former glory as a member of PHNX and sought their help. Upon realizing the foretold members are no more, she joined the new generation as a way to protect others from the suffering the same fate as her village.

Special Skills

Noriko is gifted with the ability to interpret and manipulate time— slowing down moments in order to best calculate her strongest attacks. The extent of her ability is highly dependent on inner balance, which is often challenged by the rage Noriko harbors from the loss of her family. 

She is also equipped with protective armor that is resilient to most attacks.


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