Port’s lightning fast reflexes, hyper agility, and unique ability to “hop” over short distances in the blink of an eye makes this disk throwing android a very hard target to hit.


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Character Story

Model number “MAJA 626-13” was originally built by Genesis as a military grade, sentient android designed for black ops assassinations. However, during the final demo for President Nero, MAJA’s programming seemed to fail and the weapon refused orders to attack. Angry and embarrassed, Genesis officials marked MAJA as a failed prototype and stored her in the Archived Weapons Facility of Chrysalis Tower.

MAJA’s defectiveness was actually the result of Dallas Romance (son of Genesis CEO, Victor Romance). Dallas has always meddled with his father’s questionable business practices and was quick to modify MAJA’s programming by importing a benevolent protocol that heavily elevated the unit’s artificial justice sensory.

Some time later, Dallas’s hacktivisim is discovered by Genesis and forced to make a permanent escape from Chrysalis. His saving grace was a reunion with MAJA 626-13, which Dallas miraculously reactivated and used her teleporting ability to deliver themselves to safety.

Renamed Port by Dallas, the naive android is quickly learning to navigate her newfound freedom and morality. As Port navigates the world around her, she also is discovering her own identity. She often questions what she was originally designed as and what she feels is her actual truth.

She considers Dallas the closest thing she has to family and has stuck by his side as he openly enlists in PHNX. Her cheerful attitude and lack of social cues may sometimes result in misplaced words, Port’s earnestness and loyalty make her a beloved team member.

Special Skills

Teleportation, weapon accuracy, acrobatic agility, super strength, heightened speed, and cybernetic manipulation.


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