Armed with a pulse rifle, blaster, and thunderous long axe, Tuesday is the dedicated leader of PHNX’s new regime. Fighting with confidence and grace, this former solider turned hero is a force to be reckoned with.


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Long Axe



Character Story

Although always a warrior, Tuesday did not start out a hero. Her tale begins as a solider serving under the noble command of the Golden Council. It was in the field that she learned her impressive mastery of both close combat and artillery. Her stunning knack for military excellence was quickly noticed and Tuesday was promoted to captain in no time.

When the Union rose up, Tuesday was selected to enlist in President Nero’s new initiative of elite troops, called Angels. Committed to her oath of service, she accepted her new credentials and became a celebrated enforcer of Nero’s unforgiving might.

Tuesday eventually turned her back on the Union and abandoned her military duty when a mission resulted in devastating casualties—a small family consisting of a mother and her two children. Upon realizing her involvement and the lives it cost, she discarded her solider battledress and walked away from the Angels.

Vowing to right her wrongs and protect those who truly need protection, Tuesday found herself joining a small initiative of heroes operating under as the revived PHNX. Now she fights to protect those in the Understory from the various evils of her city and lead her fellow allies to victory against the corrupt Union.

Special Skills

Advanced combat, weapon mastery, super strength, and morale boost.


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