A New World for New Heroes

The imaginative aesthetic and diverse characters found in this post-cyberpunk, fantasy project provides a unique questioning of our own fate as futuristic heroes face off against the dark forces of their world.


Ace Flynn lives in the dystopian surface levels of the fantastical Constellation City, working as a black market courier and taking care of his younger sister, Lynx. His world is ruled by the all-powerful Union that maintains a constant state of fear and division among social classes.

When a blind date goes horribly wrong, Ace becomes mixed up with a small band of freedom fighters operating under the mantle of PHNX and his sister is kidnapped by Union forces. With newfound magic and fierce allies at his side, Ace fights against dark forces to save his sister and restore freedom to his city.


Discover Constellation

Explore the prime city of Neo Earth and uncover the dark secrets and lost magic that divides this futuristic metropolis.


Dueling Factions

Union Logo@2x.png

The Union

The United Federation of Zenith, known to most as the Union, is the overarching super government brought to power by the domineering President Nero. This singular source of dictatorship is supported by the various degrees of military strength, capitalistic alliances, and binding criminal ties of Constellation.

Genesis Logo@2x.png


Genesis is a major tech company headquartered in the Canopy of Constellation. This capitalistic empire reigns over an impressive monopoly built upon the growing dependence that many have on the software and devices that Genesis sells.

PHNX Logo@2x.png


PHNX is a former alliance of heroes, sworn to uphold justice and champion virtue among all of Neo Earth. These great warriors, brilliant minds, and reverent hearts were led by Neo Earth’s Golden Council, before the ascension of President Nero.


Epic Characters


Powerful Magic

Magic is classified into three core categories called Fortes, and can only be used by characters with enough fortitude to tap into the world's mystical energy: the Halo. Each Forte is unique and informative of attack style, power sets, and related special skills.



The fiery Fusion Forte is a raging source of full, unpolished force. Fireballs, plasma, laser, and energy blasts are all common manifestations of the Fusion Forte. Fusion overpowers Psionic but is outmatched by Thunder.



Psions are gifted the serene power of telepathic mysticism. They strike with fluid, calculated attacks that require balance and concentration. Psionic powers are strong against the wild Thunder but weak against the brute force of Fusion.



Lightning and electricity fall under the unpredictable realm of the Thunder Forte. Like the storm itself, Thunder grants swift fury to those capable of wielding its might. Thunder overcomes Fusion but is subdued by Psionic.