Welcome to Constellation City


Constellation is the prime city of Neo Earth’s Zenith Province. It is a vast metropolis built with advancements in both technology and magic, seeming to grace the stars themselves with its own constellation of neon lights. To city’s eastern roaring sea is a poetic antithesis to the Violet Dustlands that borders the remaining sides.

Constellation is divided into four distinct levels, each with their own subculture and way of life.

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Floating Fortress

As Zenith fell into totalitarianism, upon the ascension of the Union, its capital was changed from Constellation to the floating Avalon. This magnificent fortress serves is both the palace of the Union’s leader, President Nero and the armored heart of the ruling power’s might. The destruction of Avalon would mean the end of the Union—a seemingly unattainable mission that only the foolish would entertain.




Heaven Above

Constellation’s ascending level is a beautiful utopia for high society, powerful dynasties, and economic monopolies—all who have pledged their support to the Union in exchange promised security. Named the Canopy for its sky-high domain, this is a mesmerizing world of excessive wealth and firm prejudices, considered the “true Constellation” by the city’s upper class.




Chaos Below

If the Canopy is Constellation’s golden flame, then the Understory represents the charred coals of its humble beginnings. The looming shadows of Constellation’s glorious upper district provides a dark playground for the regnant crime that runs rampant throughout.




Sanctuary Underground

Hidden within the heart of Constellation’s abandoned underground rail system lies a small, subterranean sanctuary called Haven. Mirroring its aerial counterpart, Avalon, this fortified refuge acts as the core base for the resistance forces of PHNX and has yet to be discovered by the Union. Guardians and heroes oversee Haven’s safety and concealment, and development as more flock in secrecy to PHNX’s protective domain.